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Caster v0.95a34f67

Inspired by the weapon from Outlaw Star.

The caster is a Techno Wizard weapon that instead of having a spell attached to it, it uses self-contained charges or shells. With this system a mage or any user can have a magic weapon that can fire just about any spell.

In yearly PA15 a techno wizard living in Oakridge came up with the idea of making a spell grenade. But after much trial he was unable to solve the problem tossing the grenade far enough to make it workable. Giving up on it he put the plans on the shelf and forgot about it.

PA25 Jim burns, having just received his lab credentials. Finding the plans on a shelf he sat down to look at them. Seeing that they could be converted to a shell that could be used in a firearm or artillery piece he ran with the idea. After several trials he settled on the sidearm, as the shells for the artillery shells were too expensive.

The shells are about half the size of a 12-ounce can of pop (soda) and contain a singe charge for the weapon. The weapon loads from the rear, the entire rear of the weapon slides back to reveal a tray that you would lay the shell on. Then it slides back in and is ready to fire. The weapon looks similar to a C-18 laser pistol with a beefier upper. The shells are known by the number they have on a standardized list.

Name: Caster
Prototype Date: PA27
Production Date: PA30
Weight: 6 Lbs
Length: 12in
Damage: Varies with shell
Range: Varies with shell
Rate of Fire: Twice per melee
Payload: 1 shell
Credits: 20,000

Firing: The shells are set off by a trigger spell that is contained with in the gun. To power the trigger the gun draws PPE from the shooter. The heavier the shell the heavier the trigger and the more power it takes to set it off.

Shells 1 - 5 take 3 PPE to set off.
Shells 6 - 10 take 5 PPE to set off.
Shells 11-14 take 12 PPE to set off
Shells 15 - 17 take 20 PPE to set off
Shell 18 takes 40 PPE to set off.
Shell 19 the holy grail of shells. Less than 25 of these exist in the world at any given point in time. 200 PPE to set off.

If the user fails to have the required PPE the weapon will draw on the shooters hit points. The exchange rate is 3 PPE for every 1 HP used.

Gun building: The gun is a basic creation but does require a good deal of machine work.

Shell building: The casing for the shells is very inexpressive to build costing around 25 credits worth of material. The internals of the shells are what make them unique from each other. The smaller shells cost an additional 20 to 50 credits worth of materials. The larger shells are more expensive to manufacture and the cost is relative to the spell being held.

From with the basic materials building the shells is like building any other TW device.

All Techno-Wizards that have not been trained in making the shells are -15% in there creation.

Shells: 1 Energy Bolt, Range: 150' Damage: 4d6 sdc, Cost: 125 credits
2 Ignite Fire, Range: 40' Damage: 2d6 sdc, Cost: 125 credits
3 Blind, Range: 15' Damage: 6 minutes of blindness, Cost: 170 credits
4 Carpet of Adhesion, Range: 90' Damage: sticking to the floor, Cost: 250 credits
5 Fire Bolt, Range: 100' Damage: 4d6 mdc, Cost: 215 credits
6 Energy Disruption, Range: 120' Damage: 3 minutes of energy shut down, Cost: 900 credits
7 Call Lighting, Range: 300' Damage: 6d6 mdc, Cost: 900 credits
8 Fire Ball, Range: 180' Damage: 4d6 mdc, Cost: 900
9 Agony, Range: 15' Damage: 2 minutes of extreme pain, Cost: 1,200 credits
10 Dispel Magic Barriers, Range: 100' Damage: removes barrier, Cost: 5,000 credits
11 Life Drain, Range: 60' Damage: see book, Cost: 7,000 credits
12 Wind Rush, Range: 120' Damage: 80 mile an hour wind, Cost: 650 credits
13 Exorcism, Range: 60' Damage: see book, Cost: 18,000 credits
14 Negate Magic, Range: 60' Damage: see book, Cost: 10,000 credits
15 Fire Ball, Range: 180' Damage: 6d6 mdc, Cost: 11,000
16 Banishment, Range: 200' Damage: see book, Cost: 20,000 credits, Level 2
17 Time Hole, Range: 40' Damage: none, Cost: 25,000 credits. Works like in the book but moves what ever is shot rather than the shooter.
18 Close Rift, Range: 100' Damage: closes rift, takes 1 melee (15 second) to cast, Cost: 200,000 credits
19 Annihilation, Range: 800 ft, Damage: 2D4x100 MD direct hit, everything within 10 ft = 4D6x10 MD, Cost: 1,000,000