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M2-G Glitter Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle

This vehicle is equipped to carry seven infantrymen and three crewmen. The troop compartment has six firing ports and periscopes to allow the men to fire from within the vehicle. It is equipped with a 25mm dual-feed Chain Gun; there is also a 7.62mm co-axial machine gun and a twin launcher on the left side of the turret for launching TOW missiles. This vehicle has a stabilization system to enable the gunner to fire the 25mm cannon while moving cross country.
Price: 90,000 for the refit
Crew: 3+7
Weight: 25 tons dry, 67,000 combat load
Length: 21'
Width: 10'
Height: 9' 9"
Maximum Speed: 41MPH
Maximum Range: 400 miles
MDC: 700 with glitter plating / Pre-refit: 950 sdc
Weapons & Damage:

  1. 25mm gun: 3D6 Frag. MDC, HE 4D6 MDC or HEAT 5D6 MDC- 200 each
  2. Rail Gun: 40 rounds 2D4x10. one round 2D4 MDC- 600 Rounds
  3. Short Range Missiles (2): AP 2D6x10 MDC