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Please ignore the art work
Logging Exo-Frame
model: Oak0034
MDC By Location:
Arms: 5 each
Legs: 7 each
Head: 2
Spikes 4: 1 each
Chain Hook: 2
Main Body: 12
Hight: 7 feet
Width: 4 feet
Weight: 700 Lbs.
Physical Strength: 40
Power System: Battery- 20 hour life
Market Price: 30,000
Speed: 5 MPH
Leaping: N/A
Flying: only if falling
Weapon Systems: none
There is a 48" chain saw on the right arm the bar is MDC but the chain isn't.
The left arm is a hydraulic wedge jack for tilting the tree.
The 4 spikes in the feet are for climbing steep hills and holding the unit in place. They are 16" long. There is a chain hook on the back of the unit. It's used to drag things with the unit and to hook the unit to the yarder to get it up the hill.