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Oaktech Nuke Power Plant
Independent long-travel (9.5") rear suspension w/ stabilizing anti-roll bar 6.7" MacPherson strut front suspension
Independent 4-wheel shaft drive
11" ground clearance
Thumb switch-engage, true 4-wheel-drive
Dual-Sensing automatic transmission (PVT) w/EBS
Available in Camo Green, Red or yellow Rear rack extender

Wheelbase 50.5 in / 128.3 cm
Turning Radius (approx.) 65 in / 165 cm
Weight 697 lbs / 316 kg
Length / Width / Height 81 in / 46 in / 47 in 205.7 cm / 116.8 cm / 119.4 cm
Fuel Capacity: 20 years

MDC: 20
Range: Unlimited
Speed: 40 MPH
Cost: 14,000 credits