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Having a very limited suply of LAWS-3 rockets They were used very sparingly. Yearly in PA17 a shearch was started for a suplier that could provide reloads and new weapons. In late PA23 they found what they were looking for with a company known as Golden Age Weaponsmiths. Purchasing 100 new launchers with a thousand reloads they started back. Almost a year latter the expedition returned to Oakridge with less than half of the weapons and personel. Deeming the cost to high it was desided to look for a new heavy weapon.

Handing the task over the Oakcorps Weapons Lab the town waited for the now famous techs to work one more miracle. What they came up with was a large laser heavy draw laser fitted into the casing of the LAWS-3 casing. The now rifle was fired the same as the origial LAWS-3 but there is no magazine. In stead the barrel now extends bask through the weapon and the E-Clips slide in the butt of the weapon. It was desided that this was a better situation than having the mags hangin down or sticking up. It also surves to in crease the rate of fire of the weapon by letting a second person stand behind the person firing the weapon and swap E-Clips quickly.

The weapon recived it's name during the initial testing when it was fired at a large bolder and it crumbled.

When the weapon is used by a more than one person, one person fires the weapon and the other replaces the E-Clips. It takes several seconds for the weapon to trasfer the the power from the E-Clip, witch acounts for the slow fire rate.

Aiming is assisted by a telescopic site with an aditional laser pointing device.

Name: Buster Rifle
prototype Date: PA30
Production Date: PA34
Weight: 23 Lbs
Damage: 3D6x10
Range: 1500'
Rate of Fire: Twice per melee
Payload: Two long E-Clips, one per shot
Credits: 75,000