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Ley Line Attractor:

The system used by the Techno-Wizards in Oakridge to focus Ley line energy into a corridor for transportation and other uses.

“Ley lines are a matrix of natural potential psychic energy that run in straight lines across the globe. The source of the energy is unknown and apparently inexhaustible. At some places around the world the ley lines are strong enough that their energy can be seen or felt by individuals who are sensitive to psychics, practitioners of magic and supernatural beings, can draw on some of it’s energy.” Beyond the Supernatural, page 131.

For years before the coming of the rifts non-main stream scientists around the world studied the phenomenon called Ley lines. They found where a network of low energy, mildly magnetic, lines of energy that criss cross the globe in every direction. Before the great cataclysm, some of the “Psychics” of the world claimed to be able to feel the energy from these lines.

With the coming of the rifts the ley lines became a source of great power and even transport. In 2267 the Techno-Wizards from Oakridge used a system of electromagnets and PPE batteries to channel a stream of PPE energy to form a ley line along the rails of a railroad. Well, it wasn’t a real Ley Line; it was more of an energy conduit set just above the rails of the old tracks. A magnetic field was used to channel the energy in a direction. The electromagnetic field created by the rails acted as a jumper cable between two lines and helped the to direct energy to each other.

Using the tracks of a pre-rifts railroad to form a magnetic bond to hold the energies in check while they stabilized. The experiment is still considered a failure, as there has not been another successful joining since the first experiment.

One drawback that was found in the use of this system is the time to set up. First you have to find a something to act as a magnet (later it was found that he magnet was not needed). Then you have to figure out how to increase the magnetic field of the system. After that you have to wire it into the batteries. Then you have to start the reaction. A wave of energy created a backlash that crossed the globe several times traveling along the Ley lines and causing weather changes for several days. Several people that where drawing power from lines when it hit where unable to compensate for the surge.

This system of routing has never been used again and the plans have not been seen for almost 60 years. With the reclusive nature of the Techno-Wizards in Oakridge the plans where most likely buried in a very secure place. There is some evidence that says there may have been a copy of the data somewhere but its location is not known.

Now the story of this technology doesn’t end there. While the mass conduit idea is considered a failure, there are several applications that can use this tech. One of these is combat support. The way this works is a group of TW “Combat Engineers” will run a small line out to the battlefield to support any mages on the field. This is a very manpower expensive operation but it is worth it when fielding magic using units. To support one of these temporary lines you need 30 engineers per mile. Also any one with in 200 miles that is sensitive to lines will be aware of the change in the line and more than likely will be interested in what’s going on.

A miniature version of this system is used to power the trains and other vehicles used to travel the lines built in Oakridge. It allows the vehicle to tap directly into the line rather than having to use a bottled demon or other semi dangerous power source. There are some limitations to this as the vehicle is much more dependant on the line.