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P.P.E. Battery

Around 2250 a Techno-Wizard in Oakridge was experimenting to find a way to hold bulk P.P.E. in an effort to create a battery of sorts.

After several years of failed attempts he found a new idea while talking to a woman that had had an arm cloned in Atlantis. What he tried next revolutionized the wandering mages kit.

By growing cells from a mage in an artificial environment and containing them in a container with a constantly running version of 'Breath Without Air' he was able to keep the cell alive in the extremely magic rich environment for very long times.

The batteries come in 2 sizes and have been known to last up to 5 years but the average life span is 3 years (1d4+1). The large container is about 12 inches high, 3 inches around with gold ends with several jewels wired in to them. The small container is 6 inches high, 1.5 inches in diameter and has the same basic configuration at the larger. The center of the containers is clear and glows with a blue hew when fully charged. The light from the battery will cause 1d4 damage to vampires with in 5 feet.

The large battery average 300 to 600 (1d4+2x100) P.P.E. at full charge but they can be overcharged to around 800 P.P.E. but can only hold it for 30 minutes. The small battery holds 40 to 190 (3d6x10+10) P.P.E. and can be over charged to 300 P.P.E. for 12 minutes. Every time the battery is overcharged it loses 6 months of its life cycle and 50 P.P.E. of its capacity after it is discharged. If the battery does not discharge after 45 to 50 minutes the charge will start to expand in an exponential rate until the case finally cannot contain the energy. At this point there are several things that can happen, pick one or roll on the table below:

Roll d100
1-18 pick one spell up to level 4 and double it's effects
19-30 pick one spell level 5 to 8 and triple it's effects
31-40 Small rift opens for 3d6x10 minutes
41-45 Sudden ley line shift and a small nexus opens
46-62 pick one spell up to level 4 and double it's effects
63-70 nothing
71-75 all objects and people with in 100ft are sucked into a rift
76-85 Large rift opens for 2d20x40 minutes
86-90 Annihilate spell is cast with 10 times range and 5 times damage
91-100 nothing

Each battery has to be custom built for each mage from his cells. It takes 3 months to build the first battery but if more are wanted 4 batteries worth of material are produced at a time. The batteries can be used as one shot wanders for any mage but the cells have to be killed to harvest the P.P.E., they can be charged by anyone or a Ley line.

Some mages that have been in contact with the battery for long periods of time have developed a phobia of being with out it. They will go to any length to be with it much like a drug addict. For the most part this has happened only to mages that are on their 3rd or 4th battery.

The cells require 5 P.P.E. a day to live off. They draw this energy from energy out side of the battery unless there is none available. In the event that they are in a low P.P.E. environment, the cells can use their storage of energy. However, this causes their energy drain to increase and they use 7 P.P.E. per day. Some less than honorable mages have been known to let their battery feed off their friends and traveling companions when in low magic environments. One problem with they battery with low power (level) mages is the fact that the battery draws P.P.E. before the mage does. In other words the battery recharges before the man/woman/thing can. It is thought that this happens due to the closeness of the cells in the battery to the magic energies that they hold.

While others have tried to create these the only current successful manufacture is located in Oakridge, Oregon Territory. Not surprisingly Atlantis and other high magic using groups have shown some interest but have not to date tried to reproduce the batteries. With the big magic users strangle hold on magic items these batteries are a must for low level or budget conscious mages.

Large: 2,000,000 credits for the first 1,500,000 for any other produced in one batch.
Small: 1,250,000 credits for the first and 900,000 for any other produced in one batch
Any left over material is considered property of the creators.