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Big Wizard Farming Aids

Monument of Rain Monument of the Pest Monument of the Huntsman

Monument of rain

This unit gives farmers the ability to regulate the amount of water that crops get, by either breaking up natural storms or creating artificial storms, eliminating the need for heavy irrigation equipment to be installed in a field.
Type: Irrigation system
Shell: 10’x10’ concrete pad and well head
Draw: 150 P.P.E. per hour to create a storm, 200 P.P.E. per hour to clam a storm
Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes per charge
Effect: Depending on the use the user can either cause rain or take away rain over a 4 section area (4 square miles).

Monument of the pest

This statue of a rat holding a spear and wearing a crown drives off pests from the fields. It’s rated for rats, gophers and other ground pests but it has been known to work on birds and snakes.
Type: Anti Pest system
Shell: 4’ statue of a rat holding a spear and wearing a crown standing on a 10’x10’ concrete cube that holds the internals of the system
Draw: 250 P.P.E. per charge
Duration: 16 weeks
Effect: Small rodents are repelled from a 4 section (4 square miles) area. Snakes and birds entering the area are reduced by 50%

Monument of the huntsman

This unit can be set one of two ways to either draw or repel game animals. For hunting the unit draws elk, deer and other common big game animals into the area around the monument. For crop protection the unit repels the animals away from the monument.
Type: Game management system
Shell: 6’ statue of a mountain man holding a musket with one foot on a stump.
Draw: 170 P.P.E. per charge
Duration: 4 weeks
Effect: Drawing in game or repelling it.