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In 28PA The Oakcorps Weapons Lab coming off it's last succes started a project to remake the Colt Commando rifle. Staring with the M-160 rifle they experimented with shortening the barrel but found that the laser lost focus and failed to deliver enough energy to the target. After about a year of experimenting one of the techs came across the idea of using a semi-bullpup design. Leaving the e-clip and trigger forword they were able to leave the barrel the same length while shortening the over all rifle.
Name: Oak M-200
Prototype Date: PA30
Production Date: PA34
Weight: 5 Lbs
Length: 18in
Damage: 3D6, 1D4x10 MDC
Range: 1000'
Rate of Fire: single, 3 round
Payload: 30 eclip, 55 long eclip
Credits: 25,000