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PA-killer missiles

These missiles where designed as a way to kill a power armor or heavy armored infantry man with out wasting ammunition and time. The effect is devastating but leaves the armor relatively in tacked. The missiles work by burning a small 3cm hole in the armor and injecting a 3 inch long sabot penetrator that kills using blunt force trauma. The missiles are most effective when they score an upper-body or head shot.

The missiles while similar to standard short and mini missiles they can not be fired from the same launchers as they require more input from the launcher to arm the IREC (Image Recognition) guidance system. This system allows the missile to lock on to the target and pursue it over the course of its flight.

While we have seen the technical write ups on these missile up until a few years ago we hadn’t thought that they where ever in production. Only 4 of the missiles have ever been found. Those that where found came from an ARC cache in northern Nevada near the old city of Winnemucca.

Warhead Damage: 3d6x2 md
Warhead Blast Radius: 3cm
Penetrator Damage: 6d4 md
Penetrator Range: 5in
Speed: 250mph
Maximum Range: 1.5 miles
MDC: 1
Bonus: Launcher, +2 to strike after launch
Note: This missile is rated to penetrate main body of no more than 250 MDC

Short Range Missile
Warhead Damage: 3d6x6 md
Warhead Blast Radius: 3.5cm
Penetrator Damage:10d4 md
Penetrator Range: 15in
Speed: 700 mph
Maximum Range: 5 miles
MDC: 5
Bonus: Launcher, +6 to strike all secondary checks
Note: This missile is rated to penetrate a main body of no more than 775 MDC

Mini-missile Launcher
This launcher is designed to be used like an over sized rifle. The internal computer locks on and programs the image into the missile. Each lock on and program take about 7 seconds under optimal conditions.
Weight: 60 pounds
Magazine: 6
ROF: single
Bonus: +4 to strike using the multi-optic imaging system
Requirements: PS of 26

Short Range Launcher
This launcher is meant to be tri-pod, vehicle or robot mounted. Launching sequence is similar but the launcher can track and fire one two targets simultaneously.
Weight: 120 pounds
Magazine: 4 short Range, 8 mini
ROF: 1 or 2
Bonus: +8 to strike when using combat computer
Requirements: Must be mounted and stable for the computer to control combat.

Game Masters Section:
These missiles are primarily for use as a background weapon. If you want to use this weapon as a non plot device you should probably use this random effect table. Also strike rolls should beat any dodge by more than 4 to do standard damage. Striking with a surplus of 1 or 3 nets half damage automatically. Dodging with a surplus of less than 5 allows the missile to make a second strike roll after two actions.

% - Affect
0 – 20 - Missile punches through and does full damage to the operator
21 – 25 - Missile penetrates and helmet comes off…along with the operators head Damage x2
26 – 35 - Missile penetrates but does half damage to the operator
36 – 40 – Missile fails to burn through and penetrator lodges in armor
41 – 60 - Missile fails to burn through and penetrator ejects missile from armor
61 – 75 - Missile penetrates and does quarter damage to operator
76 – 80 - Missile penetrates, penetrator is ejected from armor and blood spout pours out Damage x2
81 – 100 - Missile punches through and does full damage to the operator

Hitting unarmored MDC creatures is not highly effective. Generally the missile will punch through the hide but the limited range of the penetrator will keep the internal damage to a minimum. Unless you where to strike the creature in the brain or other vital organ. This is mostly a GM’s call due to the varying locations of organs in alien creatures. A supplemental roll after a strike roll of 1, 7, 16 or 20 on a D20 to see if you hit a vital spot that may do damage to the creature.