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The belt of Pootie Tang
Lesser Rune weapon

Pootie Tang was the musician/actor/folk hero of the ghetto, as chronicled from his early childhood to his battles against the evil Corporate America, who tried to steal his magic belt and make him sell out by endorsing addictive products to his people. Pootie had to learn to find himself and defeat the evil corporation for all the young black children of America, supatime.
This weapon is the descendant of the original belt. Not that they reproduced, there belts after all. This is a copy of original. This Belt has only one real weakness, Hoes. The Belt is unable to beat a ho because they like stuff like that. The Belt it self is a very ordinary black leather band with a large buckle. The buckle is a black oval with a gold fire spray topped by a red upside down spade circled with barbed wire.
Unlike standard rune weapons this belt does not do harmful damage. Instead it has a sting and knock back effect. Once the belt is touched with the user thinking of his target the belt takes over. Whipping out at the speed of sound it strikes out to up to 50 feet and returns to normal length. From that point it can strike out again or return to the users pants. The Belt has the equivalent of 6 attacks per melee but while the belt is drawn the user is slaved to it and cannot use the belt arm for anything else. To off set the arm movement penalty the user is +6 to all gymnastic skills. Fathers wanting to teach their sons manors favor this weapon.
Damage: The Belt doesn’t care if you are MDC or SDC. When struck the Belt deals a damage befitting the offence. Anything from a slap on the wrist to full knock down. SDC or MDC it deals the correct damage. If the person being hit is carrying a weapon the Belt will knock them on their butt or send them flying back several feet with the added effect of causing them to drop their weapon.
Slap: Just enough of a blow to cause pain
Hit: belt hits with enough force to cause a person to lose 3 attacks for 1 melee
Knock down: belt whoops their raggedy ass and drops them on it.
55 gallons of whoop ass: belt is used to tare some sh*t up. This technique is used a lot on groups of pimps or drug dealers. This unleashes the furry of the belt and it goes buck wild on every one in the area. This is the only attack that causes real damage but it’s mostly only burses. When attacked with this attack the belt has an automatic knock out ability, any one hit will have a 50/50 chance of being knocked out cold or getting tossed through the air and getting knocked out on landing.