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Oakridge Grunt OCC

Attribute Requirements:
A high P.S. and P.E. are suggested but not required. Anybody with the spirit to fight for the freedom of Oakridge can be an Oakridge Grunt.

OCC Info:
Training time: 2 years

OCC Skills:
Radio: Basic (+10%)
Land Navigation (+20%)
Wilderness Survival (+20%)
Track Humanoids (+15%)
Language: Literate in American 98% and one choice (+25%)
Robots and Power Armor (+15%)
Robot Combat Basic
Pilot: Two of choice (+15%)
Read Sensory Equipment: +15%
W.P.: Automatic Rifle
W.P.: Energy Pistol
W.P.: Energy Rifle
W.P.: One of choice
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

OCC Related Skills:
Select eight other skills. Plus select two additional skills at level three, six, nine, and twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency.
Communications: Any (+5%)
Domestic: Any (+10%)
Espionage: Any
Mechanical: Any
Medical: First aid or holistic medicine only.
Military: Any (+25%)
Physical: Any
Pilot: Any (+10%)
Pilot Related: Any
Rogue: Any
Science: Any
Technical: Any (+15%)
W.P.: Any
Wilderness: Any (+15%)
Cowboy: Any (+10%)

Secondary Skills:
Pick five

Standard Equipment:
1 Plastic Man or NG-EX10 Gladius Light Exo-Skeleton depending on assignment
2 uniforms
1 pair sun glasses
1 multi purpose PDA
1 flashlight
2 cigarette lighters
1 vibro knives
1 k-bar type knife
1 M-200 rifle or M-160
5 e-mags
1 M-2011
3 e-mags
1 backpack
1 utility belt
1 Polaris vehicle

Equipment Available upon Assignment:
2 extra weapons
1 military vehicle (Unimog, Hmmwv, Bradley, etc.)
1 PA or Robot

Base pay is 1800 credits a month. Starts with one month's salary