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  • 15 April 2k21...been a while. Started uploading Mutants and Masterminds characters because Green Ronin killed their forums
  • 10 April 2k4......Updates oh my. I'm starting to use this site for listing my wheeling trips. So there should be more updates to the content here.
  • 16 December 2k3......I missed my yearly update on my birthday. So I'm posting something now. I know, I don't use my blog enough. Not that any one really wants to read it anyway ;) But Hey what the hay.
  • 26 March 2k3......What the heck am I doing updating so soon? Well, I'm adding the dumping ground as a general rant section.
  • 11 October 2k2......I uploaded a buch of rifts stuff so check it out.
  • 25 February 2k2......Added the section about what d&d character I am below. I would update more often but it's not like ant one surfs this site anyway.
  • 14 October 2k1......Well, I'm 22 now.
  • 12 October 2k1......Yes it has been a long time since I updated. I changed the layout and got rid of the large image maps. I'm going to start working on this thing more often. I've got a couple of ideas for Rifts things kicking around in my head. I've also added a bunch more links.
  • 28 March 2k1......Added some pics of my toy collection, a time line for Oakridge and my paul bunyan PA and babe the blue ox robot. I also fixed the NPC names that I screwed up.
  • 16 March 2k1......Changed the look of the site. What to you think of it? Drop me a line and tell me
  • 8 March 2k1......So I don't update very often. Check out the new Hazcam and the new Link to my friend Frank's site
  • 29 January 2k1......Added several links and redid the page. Make sure to check out Rifts-RPG.com
  • 15 January 2k1......Reworked The two photo sections into one. I also added the mailing list links
  • 20 December Y2k......Updated the M-67, M-200, Smokey Bear PA, and added the Buster Rifle
  • 16 December Y2k......I updated the unimog conversion. Maybe I will do some more this week end, maybe I wont.
  • 12 October Y2k......Well it's only two days till I turn 21. I added a bunch of pics in the photo history section. Added the ICQ pannel.
  • 27 September Y2k.....Added the second NPC, I had to walk up to the spring twice today. 1.25 miles up a relly steep hill. I would add more but I'm realy tired.
  • 26 September Y2k.....Added the first of three major NPC's
  • 25 September Y2k.....Fixed images and added new flavor text.
  • 23 September Y2k.....Stripped more of the old tags and stream lined the directory structure.

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