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Town Time Line
This is not the offical web site for Oakridge, Or
About Oakridge and Westfir, Oregon
(Population after the apocalypse:y Oakridge- 3,200 - Westfir- 300)
(Population as of 100pa: Oakridge- 5,000 - Westfir- 1,000)

Nestled in the heart of a river valley at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, the communities of Oakridge and Westfir Oregon are safe havens for the wandering traveler, as long as you arenít against the free market.

Situated on the banks of the middle and north forks of the Willamette River, Oakridge and Westfir are less than a days travel from anywhere in Oregon thanks to the Ironhorse trains. The two communities are surrounded by thousands of acres of forestlands and countless rivers, lakes and streams.

Oakridge was disturbed by the coming of the rifts, but was not destroyed like so many other cities. The town was fortunate to have a large percentage of friendly D-Bees visit the town in the first months after the Rifts. The D-Bees helped the town to rebuild and find an industry to support the town.

With the rise of the Coalition the town became a haven for the Black Market and has become a major player on the West Coast. On most any day you can find most any type of gear that you could want. Being on the West Coast there is a limited amount of gear from Japan and even Russia

With the onset of the global change known as the great cataclysm or the coming of the rifts, Oakridge went through a number of severe changes. The first of which was the shift from a mainly retired person's town to a major evacuation point. The second and most traumatic was the shift from a standard democratic system of government to a military council type of government.