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Major General Robert Bennett
Colonel Tom Markam
Doc Trembly

Major General Robert Bennett, Commander and Chief Oakcorps

IQ: 19
ME: 15
MA: 12
PS: 12
PP: 12
PE: 19
PB: 12
Spd.: 11
HP: 71
S.D.C.: 16
Psionics: None
Magic: None
Age: 53

Alignment: Principled
OCC: Oakscout
Hight: 6' 3"
Weight: 185
Build: Husky looking,
           Mountain Man
Level: 12
Major General Bennett Was a Major at the time of the battle of Stinking Water. Leading a small band of armor troops he managed to beat back a group heavily bandits from Idaho. For his performance in that battle he was promoted to the post of commander eastern defense. Moving quickly up in rank he made his way to second in command and when the commander of the corps retired he was promoted to the position of commander Oakcorps.

General Bennett Has shown himself to be a real leader of men many times over, he is fair but never soft.
Skills: all Oakscout skills
Skills of note:
Radio: Basic 98% Camouflage 98% Prowl 98%
Language: American 98%, Spanish 98%, Gobley 75% Robots and Power Armor 98% W.P.: Automatic Rifle W.P.: Heavy W.P.: Energy Pistol W.P.: Energy Rifle Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Equipment of note
M-200 Rifle, 2 M-2011 side arms, US Marine Combat Armor, Smokey the Bear PA

Colonel Tom Markam, Commander Oakcorps Air. Second in command Oakcorps

IQ: 15
ME: 11
MA: 11
PS: 12
PP: 14
PE: 11
PB: 9
Spd.: 10
HP: 17
S.D.C.: 17
Psionics: None
Magic: None

Age: 43
Hight: 5' 3"
Weight: 172
Alignment: Scrupulous
OCC: Grunt
Level: 8
Build: Slim and very fit
Colonel Markam is a solder in the classic sense of the word. Working his way up throught the ranks he made his way into the air patrol where he accelled.
Skills of note:
Wilderness Survival 90% Language: Literate in American 98% and Orcish 58% Robot Combat Basic Pilot: Helicopter 90% and Jet Fighter 87% Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Equipment of note:
M-200 Rifle, M-2011 side arm, Unimog, Personal A-10-G

Doc Trembly