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Industrial Park Site 23 a.k.a. 'The Mill'

'The Mill' was and is the site were the Oak Corps vehicles were refit. After the initial use the plant it feel into disuse. Now it's only used to refit the occasional vehicle or to repair a stray Glitter Boy.

From the out side it doesn't look like much. That is mostly due to the fact that it was built under the wood dryer on the old mill site.

Moving north from the highway you wind along a short macadam strip that is surrounded by wood chip piles and old buildings. Rounding a curve you come to an interception, to the left is a gravel road that goes down to a small gravel pit and parking area, to the right is a long stretch of macadam that has driveway links to all of the buildings. The buildings consist of several very large pole buildings, half of witch are closed in while the rest are only roofed.

There are two small lumber companies in the park, one makes dimensional lumber and pallets, the other makes furniture, planting pots and other small wooden items.

The Hospital

The Oakridge Hospital is a full service facility that can handle most any thing from a cut to full Borg conversions. With the supply of parts from the black market you can have most any thing done, as long as you can pay. If you can't you can always spend time in the town guard.

The hospital is a small three story building that is laid out in a 'Y' pattern. The bottom of the 'Y' is the admitting and administration section. The left part of the 'Y' is the Surgical and Lab section, while the right part of the 'Y' is the Emergency room and long stay rooms.

Doc. Trembly is the local cyber doc and is always on call. With his nurse, Mary Fingers, he preforms some of the best surgery on the west coast.

The Market

The market is what it sounds like, an open-air market where you can find most of the black market and independent dealers. The market is laid out much like a large fair ground with barns and rows of stalls for the vendor's. A stall can be used for 200 credit a day or 1500 credits a month. Most of the items here can be bought for only a 5-10% mark-up. The town guard patrols the market.

The rows of tents and stalls are set in a formation the forms a spiral pattern on the ground. Many of the stalls are filled with various types of make shift armor and weapons.

The Rail Depot

Yearly in the last century a group of Techno-Wizards sumbled on to the town. Finding the town open to magic users and cheap rental of shop space, they set up shop. After just a short period of time they grew to become an inerval part of the town. One of the first things they did was to build and operate and TW powerd train. It proved so popular that before long the commitioned them to build and Iron horse train that the city runs. The Rail Depot is a depot for the four TW Iron Horse Train that run around the town. The train makes runs to towns up to 150 miles away from Oakridge.

You can purchase a ticket on the train for 100 credits. This gives you 5 days of travel time. You can board the train as many times as you like during the 5 days, as long as you have your pass. You can also buy a year pass for 1000 credits.

As you walk down the platform you are greated with the smells of popcorn and greese. The boards of the platform of the creak under you feet and the sunshines brightly. Looking down the track you see the engine of the train comming down the track. As it nears you notice that the sound is wrong. Looking even closer you see that while there is a small amount of steem coming out of the stack there is no steam engine sound. As it pulles abrest of the platform you see why. There is a add-on section on the front of the engine that has the small steam unit in it. The 'Mule team' unit provieds propultion on track sections that arn't ley line powered.

The entrance to the labs is located in a large out house in a park just out side Oakridge.

Alpha Lab

Alpha Lab is a large building that serves as a location for scientists to do there work. The facility is a large apartment type building that only has the first floor above ground. The lab has modular rooms that can be modified to the renters needs. The walls of the rooms are lined with a thin layer of glitter plating (200 MDC per 3sqft) that prevents accidents from destroying the whole building. The complex that makes up the lab is located 2 miles south of Oakridge. A room 10' x 10' rents for 200 credits a month.

Beta Lab

Beta Lab is an underground library. It is linked to Alpha Lab by an underground tunnel that is 200m long. You can buy a book pass witch let you use the books in the library for 400 credits. None of the books can leave the lab complex. There are reading booths available, you can use them for free.