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Places around the west.

  • Washington-
    • Seattle- Mostly flooded by the rise in the ocean it has recently been a site of considerable archeological excavation by the New Navy. They are currently razing several subs from the naval base there.

    • Vancouver- Underwater with Portland

    • Maryhill- A strange "cult" has formed here, based around the Stonehenge monument. It's rumored that a rift opened in the center of the monument.

  • Oregon-
    • Portland- Most the greater Portland-Vancouver area is under water because of the return of Atlantis.

    • Sweet home- One of the larger aggriculture centers on the shores of the Wilemet unland sea.

    • Klamath Falls- A town very close to Oregon's Southern boarder, It sits in a large wetland valley with many farms and ranches. The town recently purchased a TW paddleboat to ply the giant lake in the valley.

    • Florence- One of the last remaining ports in Oregon. The city itself was high enough off the water to survive the earthquakes that launched the tsunamis at the western coast. A great place for seafood.

    • Burns- Burns has become the place for cattle in Oregon. With it's ties to the farms in nearby Christmas Valley. Sitting in the vastness of the Oregon high desert and backed up by the Ochoco mountains, Burns has a large resource base and plays a large part in the Oregon economy.

    • Umatilla Ordnance Depot- is currently under the control of the Hermiston security force.

    • Hermiston- With the massive amount of rail and river access in the area Hermiston and become the largest city in eastern Oregon. With the ability to transport large quantities of supplies and the control of the Umatilla Ordnance Depot, Hermiston has become a major player in Oregon.

    • Lakeview- Currently the second largest cattle town in Oregon. With easy access to California, Lakeview has even more potential to grow.

  • California-