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[ 2098 ][ 2200's ][ PA1 ][ PA90's ]

In 2098 when the rifts hit Oakridge was in no shape to support it self let alone the scores of refugees that flocked to this haven in the mountains. With the sudden need for supplies and equipment several groups of people started heading into what was left of Eugene, Springfield and the surrounding communities. As time went on the groups got more and more organized to the point that they formed an almost business like operation. But as is human nature people got greedy and the groups once again split. With the town still needing supplies the town fathers banded together and formed a new group made up of mostly younger people that where looking for adventure.

This new group, The New Explorers, worked to set the town up to be self-sufficient. In there first year alone they build 5 hydroponics gardens and savaged a beef-cloning vat. Over the next ten years the TNE worked at building new facilities and maintaining the built ones.

2112, The Trespasser War

In the fall of 2112 the town faced a new threat from an outside enemy. A group of people that had been hiding in the washed out Willamette valley started to make encroaching raids on the outlying farms, ranches and timber camps that made up the early warning system for the town. The Group never attacked or harmed anything but they did take what they wanted. Up to this point the town had very little contact with out siders and hardly any with D-Bees. The group, which left a strange mark that looked like a cats eye turned sideways, started to make bolder and bolder moves on the town.

When a family living in one of the outlying farms was massacred several bands of citizens banded together to seek "Justice". Without having a real leader or any battle experience the gathered up their hunting gear and set off to find the group they had named "The Trespassers". With the groups of men and boys working indivijualy from each other and an area of severl thousand square mile to search they were doomed from the start.

It the summer of 2114 a woman by the name of Wendy May Thomson was elected to the town councel. One of the first acts that she sposored was the establishment of a centeralised town guard and a supply of weapons and armor. The act was overwelmingly aproved as the town had been hit by more and more monster and raider activity.

In the Fall of 2120 a salvage crew from the new Oakguard was working it's way to the site of a land vehicle factory on the far west side of the willamette valley, just outside of former city of Harisburg. What they found when they got there is what they had been looking for the last 8 years. The camp of The Trespassers was built around the very factory they had come to salvage. The salvage crew retreated and called for renforcements. Before the assault detachment could arrive the salvage crew was slaghturd and left in plane sight. The assault detachment ariving on the seen desided to retreat and call in even more troops.

By the spring of 2123 The Oakguard had come to the conclusion that fighting a harassing action would never win the battle with the Outsiders. Sending crews to the east they disassembled a small car manufacturing plant and salvaged several National Guard and army bases. Along with weapons, vehicles, fuel and ammunition the teams found plans for the defense of the continental United States should one of her enemies attack with her boarders. This didn't seem like a big find until they came across a list of equipment caches in the area.

2127 this was the year that things started to change. With the equipment and weapons there was also equipment to build new weapons and vehicles. The biggest find was the simulators for driving power armors and for teaching weapons tactics and manufacturing techniques.

2145 With there newly trained Power Armor drivers and trained troops the Oakguard had a total of 85 combat troops 15 of those being PA drivers.

2146 with the end of the spring rains the troops moved out to take on the Trespassers. The campaign started with bulk of the ground troops moving around to the North of the trespasser encampment with the remaining ground and PA troops taking up a position on the South side. With the Cascades blocking them in the East and the Coast range to the West, they were in a position to pound them into submission.

The opening shots rang out on July 4, 2146. With the advantage of their PA's and the speed they provided they drove the bulk of there forces right into the northern troops and beat them there. In the heat of battle however a small group of them including their leader escaped. The Guard pushed them all the way to the new Portland Inland Sea. Being the first people from Oakridge to go to the Portland area since the cataclysm they were a little surprised by the amount of water that the town was under.

Portland being only 45 feet above sea level doomed it to being flooded by the waters that rose with the return of Atlantis. Of course this wasn't know to the people of Oakridge at the time.

Trapped by the lake and the Guard forces the leader of the group, a full conversion Borg by the name of Bill Wesson, parlayed the terms of their surrender. It was latter learned that the group that the guard had fought was the main part of the group but not the part that had been attacking the towns holdings. With the loss of most of the group the remaining people decided to join the towns people in Oakridge. Bill Wesson was given command of the new training facility the Guard was setting up.

There were several smaller engagements this year but none of them were more than border skirmishes. There was also a major source of ore for the production of armors found at the Mayflower Mine and in the area of Baby Rock.

2185 a new rift is found behind Salt Creek Falls. A small group was sent trough the rift as it was the closest one to town. What they found was a planetoid about the size of Jupiter's moon IO that was extremely rich in the materials needed to manufacture Glitterboy type super reflective armor.

2187 contact with the town of Sweet Home is established and a trading relationship is established. Oakridge with its ability to produce weapons and Sweet Home's large agricultural base made for a great trading group.

2198 a small group of what will be later called techno wizards is found living outside town in one of the old campgrounds. The people from town are more than a little suspicious of them but for the most part they left them alone.

2213 trade expanded to include Klamath Falls and Hermiston. Klamath Falls had a large supply of cattle and Hermiston had a large supply of military PA and vehicle reactors, as they were stored out side of town in the Umatilla Ordinance Depot.

2223 the Oakguard expanded there training center to accommodate people from other town. The high school is reopened to bring some of them up to a descent level of education.

2245 Trade started with Florence. First contact with the new navy.

2250 working with the new navy the Oakguard salvage a Glitterboy armor factory. In for their help in the salvage Oakridge provides the New Navy with cattle, other foodstuffs and light arms.

2256 mining starts on the now designated "Resource Moon 1"

2267 armor factory set up and operational. First project is re-armoring the Oakguard vehicles.

For there support and help through the years the techno wizards donate their old research and library facility to the town. It becomes known as Alpha and Beta lab. The town returns the favor by not slaughtering them all when they caused a new Ley line to form along the rail road tracks in town.

2270 the first wilderness scouts arrive in town with news of the Coalition and other eastern countries. This sets off a new wave of military sign ups, just in case. Up to this point the town had been just fine with its minimal defense force. The only contact with any D-Bees thus far had been with peaceful and friendly ones. That all changed this year.

It happened in the middle of the night; they came out of the darkness. Moving as one they raced into town, they quickly over took the gate guards and kept moving. The Oakguard commander wouldn't have even know about the attack if one of the guards hadn't been out side taking a piss when the attack happened. He hid in the bushes until they had passed and then sounded the alarm.

When the alarm went off the sirens went off all over town. The Power armors pilots raced to their armors and joined the fray. The ground troops grabbed their rifles and headed for the door but found that the eneme was already at the base and had them pinned down in the barracks.

Hearing the battle going on in town the techno wizards sent a group to see what was going on. Finding the guards getting there butts kicked by a group of D-Bees that looked almost humanoid with the heads of alligators.

The Power armor drivers had started to take their toll on the attackers but by themselves they were not enough to turn the tide. The techno wizards seeing this sent a small group over to the town to help out. About this same time an engineer that just about every one in town thought was a little crazy rolled out of his shop with a refitted semi tractor with out the trailer.

It was armored and had weapons all over it. Rolling out into the street the vehicle AI brain started picking targets and using the lasers to take them out. With the new armored vehicle and the techno wizards the troops where able to push the attackers back so the ground pounders could make it out of the barracks.

Several hours latter the troops where mopping up the last of the enemies. The guard had taken almost 60% casualties and half the town had been destroyed. As dawn broke over the eastern hills the smoke plume could be seen for miles around the town.

Vowing that this would never happen again the town fathers started on the biggest, most expensive and controversial project to date. Calling favors from the other towns in the area and starting a mandatory draft they started building.

2273 The Oakguard had been reorganized into the Oakcorps. Some of the major building projects had been started and others where being worked on. The new hospital was almost complete and the new research facility was under construction. A ring of forts was being constructed around the town and a radio network installed. A new training school had also been started to train elite soldiers to handle wilderness work.

2282 with most of the forts finished the most of the crew's return to town and start building a 22-foot wall around the town. Also starting on airstrips at the Mayflower Mine and expanding the runways at the two airports already in town. Pilot training starts helped by the simulators that had been in storage for the last 75 years.

2295 with the town fully rebuilt and with a new system of guards in place a new age of learning and growth started in Oakridge. The draft was stopped and the town started to return to a peacetime footing.

4PA The techno wizards start an inter-dimetional trading post but quickly run out of room in there camp and ask to use an area inside the town. Seeing the opportunity to make some capital the town agrees and lets them set up in a little used section of town.

5PA while running around in the woods one day some kids stumbled in on a cache of equipment that had been stored by a survivalist before the cataclysm.

7PA the town buys plans and equipment for an armor manufacturing facility. With some of their PA's being over 100 years old it was about time to think about making some changes.

15PA the armor factory comes online and starts turning out new United States type SAMAS units and US Marine Combat armor.

16PA several mages from the Federation of magic find there way to Oakridge after the Coalition attacks.

23PA the military and civilian techs at the Oakcorps Weapons Lab start reverse engineering the Unimogs found in the survivalists supply cache in 5PA.

27PA New rifle introduced and becomes a hit with wilderness scouts.

34PA A new shortened M-160 introduced and becomes the new officer weapon.

37PA the techno wizards and mages that had now moved in to there own community located in Westfir. They started work on converting a train with its rolling stock into a techno wizard device.

40PA the first Iron horse train pulls into the station in Westfir and begins service moving supplies around to the forts and trading turns.

45PA a new PA introduced the "Smokey Bear" PA becomes very popular with people that work in the woods. Rolling out latter that year was the new off road vehicle for the Oakcorps, the new Unimog out preformed the old HMMWV's that they where using. The HMMWV specs where sold to a civilian group who modified them and started producing a civilian model.

53PA New heavy support rifle introduced the new "Buster Rifle" was designed to give infantry a way to fight off armor.

68PA the techno wizards start manufacturing the Polaris vehicles for the Oakcorps and others.

76PA Battle of Stinking Water happens just east of Burns Or. Major Robert Bennett leads the Oakcorps expeditionary force to victory after the commander is killed in a freak accident.

90PA Robert Bennett promoted to supreme commander of the Oakcorps. Tom Simons promoted to commander of the Oakcorps air wing. At this time the Oakcorps consists of 600 with 200 minute men (the old guard) and 80 in the air corps. Robert Bennett starts out fitting long range patrols with off the shelf hardware to not give away where they are from.